a phase in life I never understood!

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I met this guy in the month of an as we were in the same class and due to the pandemic we met through texts! he was a really nice guy! although it may seem “how can u trust like that?” but honestly his behavior remained the same for 3 months!

one day we decided to go to a movie and it was pretty obvious we had a mutual liking toward each other! it was very open but then neither of us opened up! After the movie date, we got more close! He was this chivalrous guy who took good care of me! exactly one week after the date he asked me out! He asked me to be his girlfriend! since I liked him I accepted it! he was happy and told finally ur my girlfriend!

exactly after 2 days, he comes up to me telling let’s go back to being friends since I’m really scared of losing you! I like how we are now and want it to continue! my anger will butcher our relationship coz he had a best friend who stopped talking to him due to these issues! I was in shock I dint know how to react! I agreed with him because I thought maybe that is a more mature decision! But after that day he does talk to me every day but then suddenly a gap came …now idk what to do? I’m very badly hurt thinking about it! I was so sure he likes me coz when I met him I did realize it! even now he is there for me when I need him! but then since that day a Lil apart we’ve become and idk if he is guilty or what to call ?? that confused I am! please help me!

continuing from here! we talk now as friends and I told him also that after what he did it hurt me! and I’m totally scared to go out with anyone else also! I’m really stuck idk what to do! friends tell me to avoid him but I am trying and trying idk how to! a smile pops out when I see his text! its getting hard to get over someone I never thought it would be this difficult! but its harder than ever! i feel really hard to stay single! i know sound stupid but its the truth in the end of the day I get so alone not having anyone to talk to!

i jus hope I could go back in time and erase so many things! coz I am really hurt and less tears ! trying everyday to move on! but even if I tell someone all they say is move on but I wish it is as easy as they say it ! sometimes I feel something is wrong with me! that’s why no one wants me……..


  • Break-ups can be heart breaking, frustrating, and stressful. You are not alone with the flood of feelings you are experiencing. You have shown strength by reaching out for support during this time. Thank you for sharing your story with Teen Central.
  • Rather than “moving on” think of it as “moving forward”. This guy still may be part of the landscape of your life, but maybe in a new way. You may want to think about spending less time focusing on him and more time focusing on YOU as you give yourself the time you need to cope with the feelings of the break up.
  • There is a lot of helpful information on Teen Central just waiting for you to explore. Many others have stories with some of the same trials. Take a look at other stories to see how others coped. Under the “LEARN” tab there is helpful information on “Relationships” which may be useful as well.
  • Dealing with a break-up alone can be challenging. Who can you talk to and get support from? This may be a close friend, a family member, or a teacher/guidance counselor. They can help you talk about your feelings and give you advice on how to move forward.


  • What activities bring you happiness? Take some time for you! Pamper yourself with a manicure or new book, treat yourself to a yummy snack or a girl’s night out, or go for a walk and enjoy the spring weather. Find something that puts the focus on YOU and your happiness.
  • You spoke about this person being special to you, valuing their friendship, and missing them as your boyfriend. It may be a good thing to look at your relationship with this person more closely. Under the TOOLS tab on Teen Central you will find a tool called Making Hard Decisions. This tool will help you weigh the pros/cons of your relationship. Sometimes just writing things down helps us express our feelings and enables us to sort out to the flood of emotions we are experiencing.