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My mom yells and curses at us everyday- calling us donkeys, whores and that her life would be so much better if we weren’t there. I feel like a problem. I wake up everyday hearing my mom yell and curse. I’m on online classes which made my mental health worse. I constantly hear that she’s just tired and that she loves me. honestly I don’t believe it.
because of her I self harm and many people tell its a phase. I’m suicidal at age 12 and already had a suicide attempt. I don’t want to be there. I’m going insane, I hear voices in my head telling me to end this all. I see shadows and much more. I want to run away.

I cant call the police etc.. because my dad is one. my dad is abusive too but I think he’s changing.

I’ve had a lot of fights with my mom she took my phone and I have online friends. I’m always on discord talking to someone that makes me happy.

My mom also tells me its a phase and I will change in 9th grade. I’m so traumatized idk what to do anymore. I was raped when i was 5 years old and no one believes me. I told this all to my online friends and they understood me. I don’t want to be here.
there much more but idk what will happen. I go to sleep everyday in fear that I will get killed by my mom or dad. I’m tired.


  • With everything going on in your life, it must feel very overwhelming to have to deal with all of these negative experiences. I’m really sorry you are going through this. But very glad you were strong enough to share your story with us at TeenCentral. We’re proud of you for reaching out.
  • Your physical safety is our number one concern. The emergency number in your area is a powerful resource. Your reservations due to your dad’s position is valid, but your safety surpasses that concern. The police will be able to connect you to resources that will help you and your family in the future. If you are ever feeling so unsafe that you may harm yourself, please reach out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline in your area. One text or phone call could save your life. We want you to be here.
  • Seeking out help is a sign of strength — not a weakness. TeenCentral is only the first step in your journey to tell your story. We highly encourage you to seek out a mental health professional to talk to (in person or virtually). Everyone deserves to feel safe and loved. Getting the help you need directly, may help you find that. You should never feel alone in what you are going through. Help is always there, you just have to ask for it.


  • It is vital that you have a plan when you start to feel unsafe or hurt. Being able to identify some people and places you can go for help when you are overwhelmed is important in that moment of darkness. Fill out this support plan so that you have it in the future. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Make yourself a priority– The first step to practicing self care is to take care of you body. Meaning, keep yourself safe, eat a healthy diet, exercise and get enough sleep. These things may seem small, but they can help decrease depression and anxiety and affect the way you think and feel. Build some time into your schedule a few times a week to do one of these things. Taking a walk will also get you out of the house for a few moments to regroup and center yourself. Or, try engaging in some activities that provide meaning for you. Anything that makes you feel happy, productive and challenge you creatively can change your whole perspective.
  •  Words can be powerful– try writing a letter to your younger self. What are some things you would like to tell yourself that you have learned through all of these experiences? What are some positive things about yourself? Keep a journal. Getting your emotions out can feel like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.