Act or Fact?

Act or Fact?

There is a classmate I’m worried about in school. She has changed since last year which we are all okay with but, I feel as if something is not quite right. Sometimes, she randomly lashes out at my friends and says mean things, and sometimes she’s pretty chill. There have been rumors in the last grade about her issues at home but I didn’t believe them because they are just rumors. Sometimes she misses class for days in a row.  People in class say that she was in therapy because she supposedly had suicidal thoughts. It really hurts to hear that and I fear it’s true. Right now, her group of friends that are also my friends said they need a break from her because she was being rude.  They try to help her, but sometimes she wants help and sometimes she doesn’t. Now I feel as if no one wants her and my small group of friends have been hurt in the past by her and don’t really care. I asked her yesterday if she wasn’t sick anymore with the flu since she missed four whole days and she casually and too light heartedly (as if it was a joke) said that “nah, I was in therapy because I tried to kill myself twice, ha ha.”. I am worried that if she just needs attention and is pretending to be depressed then she should tell us because suicide and death cannot be played around with. If she actually needs help I hope she continues to get help and admits to us that she feels bad. No one should go through this pain.  I don`t want to interfere, but I don’t know whether or not to act normally or really pay attention and be supportive and really nice to her… what should I do?


  • It sounds like you are really worried about your friend. Reaching out for help is a great way to support your friend and yourself.
  • You are right to worry about your friend.  She is clearly going through a tough time.  Talking to her may not be working right now, so just try to be there for her when she needs it.
  • You might want to let her know about TeenCentral or other resources where she can go to get some help and advice.  Try to let her know that you are worried and want to help out if you can.
  • Finally, remember to try not to let your concern for her overwhelm you.  You are a wonderful friend who cares about others and wants to help. Remember everything you have already done to try to help her. You are doing a good job!


  •  Who are some adults that you trust either at school or at home that you can speak to about your concerns?
  • If you spoke with your friend again and want to let her know that you are concerned, want to support her but don’t want to interfere, how do you think she would respond?
  • If you start to worry that you are not doing enough, can you make a list of everything that you have done to help your friend and what other actions you can take?