Would I Be Better Off Dead?

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My brother went to residential and everyone is worried about him. Some people ask if I’m fine but what am I supposed to say? I say I’m fine when I’m not. Recently, I’ve started cutting. It makes me feel better. When I brought it up with my parents they brushed it off. When I told my doctor he brushed it off too. I don’t know what to do. I really just want to be dead.


  • Self-harm can make you feel worried about yourself and unhappy. You are strong for persevering through your hardships despite how irresponsible your parents and that doctor are.
  • Nobody should brush off your feelings or pleas for help. Self-harm is a dangerous issue and could lead to severe injury, death or suicide.
  • The Teen Central website has a lot of great resources available. Click the Learn tab and then Self Injury to educate yourself. If you need further help you may click on the Help tab to call one of the hotlines.
  • Cutting is an unhealthy way to release your feelings. Instead of destroying yourself you could benefit from expressing your feelings in a healthy way by using creativity. You may try drawing, journaling, painting, listening to music or any positive creative activity.
  • You can try being more spiritual. On the Teen Central website, click the Learn tab, then Spirituality. Prayer, meditation and yoga are useful spiritual techniques to try. Being spirituality often has the power to take the worry off your shoulders and make your life easier. Take time to understand how truly important your life is every day and be grateful for it.
  • You may try focusing on something else to ease your worries. This could be a humorous book or movie to make you laugh. You can also read inspiring stories or quotes.
  • You can try volunteering for a cause you care about as a positive outlet. Some ways to volunteer are helping animals, children or the environment.


  • Can you think of other ways to commit to a positive mindset?
  • How does your mindset change when you stick to positive thinking?
  • Can you write down all of the reasons why your life is important?