Adopted, Help Me

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my mom and my dad that adoptid me im only ten and the people how aadoptid me dont care about me i do not whant to live hear and if you can talk to me admently it whold be great pls help im only 10



  • Thank you for talking to Teen Central! It’s really hard to adjust to a new home and a new family. We’re so glad you trusted us to reach out.
  • If you ever feel so alone that life feels hopeless, please remember there is always someone that will listen and try to help – 24/7! You can call 1-800-273-8255 or text HELLO to 741741 if you ever need to talk to someone right away, like if you’re thinking about hurting yourself or running away.
  • Have you tried telling your mom and dad how you feel? Do you have a trusted caseworker, teacher, neighbor, parent of a friend that you can talk to about how you you’re feeling? Having someone to listen can feel like a relief on it’s own. But, that person may also be able to help you talk to your parents about how you feel.


  • It’s totally normal to feel unsure about new relationships, and you are starting one of the most important new relationships ever with your parents. Starting a new relationship means that you have lost an old one – either with birth parents or another foster home or wherever took care of you until you came to live with mom and dad. We have information about Grief and Loss here: TEEN CENTRAL l Grief and loss for teens. Loss comes in all shapes and sizes, and some of what you’re feeling could be related to this new adjustment.
  • It’s always important to take care of you, especially when you have stress in your life. We often talk about staying healthy by eating right and exercising – those are really good things for you – and it’s also important to have some good ways to cope with tough feelings and practice letting others know when you’re not ok. This is a tool that can help you remember all the ways to take care of you: MPE TOOLKIT.
  • Sometimes really stressful things cause us to feel depressed or really worried (Sometimes we call this anxious). Here are two links to information about DEPRESSION and ANXIETY that may help you understand some of the feelings you’re having.