Bad Anxiety- Part 2

By December 22, 2020No Comments

So I wrote the story Bad Anxiety and when I clicked on it to see my consider this/help yourself columns, it led me to a depression page. As I am not suffering depression, it didn’t really help other than now I know what depression is and stuff. Anyway my main concern is that I didn’t get to reread what I wrote and then see a help yourself/consider this column. As I am aware I am not the only one using this site, I am really asking for everybody else because I know that other stories have helped me in the past. Can someone please write me why I went straight to a depression page. I am not tryin to be rude or disrespectful, I just know that these stories really help out others besides myself. Thank you for your patience


  • Thanks for reaching back out to TeenCentral. It’s awesome that you are following up with us! Just reading the stories on TeenCentral might be just as helpful as writing in your own. We hope you get to read your story now that it is posted. Check it out in the stories section so that you are able to see our response to you.
  • TeenCentral does have a section dedicated to anxiety (just like the depression section). If you haven’t already looked at it, you can click here to direct you to it. The part that I find the most helpful is the section on coping skills. We all need something we can do when things get a little messy in our lives. We call them coping skills, but what they really are is a distraction from heavy intense feelings. And they are different for everyone, you just have to find what works for you.
  • Talking about some of your worries can be a really easy coping skill to use. Find someone in your life that is a good listener and let some of those emotions out. Vent, yell, cry… your supportive person (a parent/teacher/best friend) will be there to listen. Sometimes just getting all that stuff out feels like a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. Try it.


  • Now here comes some “homework”. Try doing one thing everyday that makes you smile. It can be something different everyday (art, music, watching a funny movie, laughing with a friend), just add it into your daily schedule. Keep a journal of what things you have tried. This will help you keep yourself accountable for doing it everyday. Taking time for ourselves helps decrease the anxiety we feel.
  • Also- TeenCentral has a really great tool that might be helpful with managing some of your intense feelings. This will really give you a plan of what to do/where to go when your feelings get too overwhelming. We all need those people we go to or things that help us when we are feeling down. If we have a plan of what to do when it happens, it will make those moments more manageable. Check it out by clicking here.
  • Try getting some exercise. Especially right now, it’s important to keep your body moving. This can be something as simple as taking a walk or trying some yoga poses. You might be able to do some of those things at your house. There are plenty of resources online if you want to try a new work out. When we address our physical well-being it greatly impacts our emotional well-being.