Bad Breakup

By November 13, 2017No Comments

I don’t really know if this problem qualifies, but I just went through a really, really bad breakup.I can’t stop crying and I just don’t ever want to go back to school. I just want to curl up and die.


  • Breakups are rarely easy, and you are completely validated in feeling this way. You are not alone!
  • Perhaps you could confide in a trusted adult in the way that you are feeling. Maybe your parents, grandparents, teachers, guardians, etc. can provide some insight for you.
  • If you have any friends who have gone through things like this before, maybe you could talk to them about your experience and see what they did to cope.
  • There is no shame in taking some time for yourself after a breakup. Maybe you could do things that make you happy. Try hanging out with friends, go see a movie, anything that you enjoy doing!


  • What are some things that you did for enjoyment before this relationship?
  • Who in your life would have some insight on this subject and could help you through this tough time?
  • How would it change things if you talked to a trusted adult about your feelings?