Being a Bully

By August 14, 2017No Comments

I am concerned that I may be a bully to my peers. I asked my girlfriend if she thought that I was and she responded by saying that I was not. However, it is very likely she said no because she is affectionate towards me. I feel uncomfortable speaking to my parents about this as I am embarrassed by asking them. I am continuously stressed about this issue. Please help.

  • Being considerate of the feelings of your peers is a great sign of compassion, and you are taking a noble step forward in reaching out to create a positive environment for your peers and for yourself.
  • Whenever conflict arises with your peers consider taking a  calmer approach when reacting to it. Taking a step back and putting yourself in the shoes of others is a great way to build empathy and being considerate of others feelings.
  • Whenever you feel angry due to a toxic experience find a method of relieving those negative emotions. Often times taking multiple deep breaths along with peaceful mental imagery is a quick and effective way in relieving negative emotions while simultaneously giving you a rational approach in handling a difficult problem.
  • Reaching out to a school guidance counselor or parent is a great way to express your concerns of being a bully, and gives you a fresh perspective on the root cause of your actions.


  • Why do you believe your parents would be embarrassed if you spoke to them about your thoughts on possibly being a bully?
  • What are some ways in which you can quickly release anger and negative emotions when you are in a toxic environment?
  • Who are the safe and trusted adults that you know and can reach out to and speak about your problems?