Best friends and mixed emotions

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Hi! Ok so um I’m in the 7th grade and I’ve liked this guy since September. This is the first thing I’ve ever opened up about to my friends because I’m expected to be this happy outgoing girl but that’s not me at all. So when I talk to them about this guy I get accused of “making everything about me” So I decided to tell him I like him only to get called a coward for taking so long. Now my friend tells me she likes him and that she’s gonna “make him hers” and I’m lost at what do to in this moment.


  • It seems like you have a lot to think about in this situation, thank you for reaching out to the Teen Central community for support. You’re strong for for taking the first step!
  • There are many resources on the Tools and Resources tabs of the Teen Central page, it’s likely that you’ll find some helpful tips on Relationships if you take a look.
  • Since TeenCentral stories often receive feedback several hours after they are written I want to offer you a more immediate text service in case you ever need more interactive responses. The Crisis Textline is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. All you need to do is Text “HELLO” to 741741 See the “Help” tab on for more of these hotlines and websites that may be helpful to you.


  • It can be scary to open up to your close friends about your feelings. If your friends are a supportive force in your life, a disagreement will happen once in a while, but it should not shatter the relationship as a whole. What do each of your friends bring to you, in a positive way? Do you trust them to have your best interest at heart?
  • Feeling as though you’re expected to be “happy” and “outgoing” can feel like a large responsibility at times. Where are you able to show your true emotions, especially the ones that aren’t so positive?
  • Have you tried journaling daily? There are many benefits, including releasing some of these stressful thoughts, further processing your ideas, and being able to reflect on changes in your ideas and thought processes over time.
  • The current events occurring in our country are causing a lot of people to stay indoors with limited activities to do. If possible, go for a walk. Clear your head.