Boyfriend Problems

Boyfriend Problems

I haven’t been feeling like I connect the same way to my boyfriend anymore. I’ve been honest with him about how I feel and I just feel worse because I’m breaking his heart though he tells me he understands that I need to be happy and how he accepts whatever I have to do to be happy. This is killing me because I don’t feel like the relationship is good anymore but I can’t stand breaking his heart. He is the best guy and so sweet and so patient with me. Him and his happiness mean the world to me. I’m lost and crying.


  • It sounds like your boyfriend is supportive on whatever decision you make regarding your relationship. He wants you to be happy even if it is not with him. Choose yourself and your happiness.
  • Acknowledging his support is important. His support in moving forward with your life without him is a very positive and healthy way to end a relationship.
  • Remaining in a relationship that is no longer good can be more harming to your partner than being honest with them. It is okay to step away from it and focus on yourself. He supports you, remember that.
  • It is important to keep in mind that even when you choose to officially break up, you two can still remain in each other’s life if you want to be. There are no rules that declare you cannot be cordial after a breakup especially when it ends mutually and respectfully.


  • In what ways have you expressed to your boyfriend that it would be best to end things?
  • How does he feel about remaining friends after breaking up?
  • How do you feel about still being friends after breaking up?
  • What are some good ways to approach your boyfriend about the way you are currently feeling?
  • What would life after the break look like to you?