Bullied for Being Gay

By December 4, 2018No Comments

I am always bullied for being gay and transgender by my mom and my classmates. It really stinks to be me, and I am always cutting or crying myself to sleep. I really need help.


  • You are so brave for not being afraid to be who you are. Many people struggle with this their whole lives and here you are being true to you. Keep up this wonderful journey.
  • Maybe there are some people in your school like a counselor or trusted adult that you can talk with concerning the bullying going on at home and at your school to help you find some solutions for you.
  • Explore some alternative, more positive ways to release those big feelings, that are not harming to your being. You might want to try writing, drawing or exercising. You can also find some support at or online or look within your community for support that can provide more resources.
  • It’s important that you try to communicate to your mom that your sexual orientation is just a part of you. It does not make you a better or worse person. Just someone who wants to be happy like everyone else.


  • What do you think would happen if you talked with a school counselor or a trusted adult about the bullying at school and at home?
  • How can you go about letting your mom know how her words are hurting you emotionally?
  • What would happen if you reached out on or online or within your community for support?
  • What are some things that you can do right now that are self caring to you that will help you feel better?