Can I live somewhere else?

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My mother is overly Christian and hates anti-Christians, like me. She also hates video games, any country other than the US, and profanity. She often nags and yells at me to the point where I have to post on here. I live in Wisconsin, and it is horrible over here. When I was talking to some kids on Xbox live, she tried to pull the plug, but I held her down. The police aren’t an option because they will likely put me in juvenile detention. I can’t move to my father’s because he can get physically abusive on occasion, and my mother is telling me that I can’t get adopted just because I have ADHD. If I run away, she will call the police on me. I have nowhere to go and it’s seemingly hopeless, is the a way I can live somewhere else?


  • It is unfortunate when parents and their children have different values; it can definitely make home life miserable when you fight a lot.
  • Even though you are disagreeing, first, take a moment to understand your mom’s perspective and where she is coming from. Why her values are a certain way.
  • See if you can compromise with her. Instead of fighting or getting aggressive, see if the two of you can have a conversation and meet each other half way. See if your mom is open to counseling, as it can help to have a mediator.
  • If you are really determined to live elsewhere, speak to other relatives that you are close to. Definitely do not put yourself in a dangerous situation.
  • It can help to speak with an adult that you trust if you are having problems at home. Maybe he/she can offer you some advice on how to go about the situation in the place you live. If anything, having a source of support always helps.


  • When did you and your mom start having disagreements?
  • How can you talk to her in a way that will open up conversation vs start a fight?
  • Who can you go to for help?