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Hello my name is “J” and let’s just say my life is one big mess! Recently I got kicked out of my mom’s house so now I’m at my friend’s house and now I’m filling out an application for a children’s home and I’m really nervous because its 4 hours away and I’m just really scared of change…


  • Sometimes big change can be overwhelming and it is normal to feel scared about some of those changes. It may feel like a big mess now and that’s ok. Thanks for reaching out to the Teen Central community for support.
  • First of all, if you are feeling so overwhelmed or at any point unsafe with your current circumstances where you need immediate support, please reach out to the Crisis Textline. Someone is available 24/7 to support those in crisis. It is as easy as a simple text message. Text “HELLO” to 741 741 or visit the website,
  • You can also visit for useful resources. Under our “Tools” tab, there is an entire section dedicated to anxiety. With these big changes in our life, some anxiety is normal. It is how we cope with those feelings that will help us get through it.
  • You may not be comfortable talking to your mom during this transition time, but I encourage you to reach out to someone in your life that you do trust. This can be a positive adult or an older peer.


  • Being far away from friends and family can be overwhelming. Have you ever thought about writing down how you are feeling? Getting your feelings out on paper can help ease your mind. What are you most nervous about? What questions do you have about your new home? Try jotting those things down in a journal.
  • What helps you de-stress? Or as we like to call them, “coping skills”. Is there something that has helped you remain calm in the past? Try that.
  • Or try some exercise- something as simple as a walk around the block can help get your mind off some of the big stuff that’s happening at the moment. Also- be creative, anything that distracts you and helps channel your feelings into something more positive can be helpful.