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Well.. Right now I’m just absolutely confused. I somehow managed to get up the courage to come out to my family as gay last month after years of thought. It got to be too much, and I wasn’t sure what else to do. I almost got kicked out, but since then my parents have seemed to just kind of settle with it for now. But, now I’m paranoid that I’m not actually gay, now that I’ve made this decision. During that time I had also considered that I might be transgender. Ever since I was little, I had always been upset that I was born a girl since it was no choice of my own. It’s always just felt off and disconnected. I’ve never really connected with other girls in the same way others tend to, but I get along very well with guys. I also don’t know if I want to transition if it turns out I am transgender. Do I just want to present myself in a little more masculine way maybe? I just feel really uncomfortable with myself, and I don’t like not having answers, especially with things like this. I know at my age (I’m 16) things like this are what people are generally trying to figure out, and it’s just going to be a journey.  Do you have any advice? I’m not about to bring it up to my parents, but my therapist actually kind of hinted at it a couple weeks ago, and we’ve had a couple conversations since then. That’s been the first time I have ever talked about it with anyone else, which made it seem all the more real. I’m just going crazy anything you have to say is appreciated. Thank you!


  • That was a very brave thing you did to come out to your parents. That is a huge step. Talking it out and processing your feelings and thoughts are the best way to figure out who you really are.
  • Maybe you can look out for supporitve LGBTQ groups in your town that can be there and help you figure out your feelings as well.
  • Being 16 years old is a very developing and changing time for most young adults and it takes time to really figure out yourself and that is okay. Don’t forget to take time to be tender and kind to yourself during this exploration.
  • Be sure to be gentle and kind with your parents as well. This is a changing and growth time for them as well as for yourself.
  • Also, don’t underestimate the power of friends during this confusing time. Take time to be with friends that are supportive and do some fun things like go to a movie, go on bike rides, go to a concert, etc.


  • What would happen if you did some research to explore supportive LGBTQ groups in community?
  • What are some kind things you can do for yourself to help you adjust and grow during this self discovery?
  • What are some kind and gentle things you can do to support your family during this time?
  • What are some fun things you can do with your friends?