Coping With a Long Distance Relationship

By September 23, 2017No Comments

I have been in a long distance relationship with a very special young man for almost 2 years. He is my first serious boyfriend and I am mostly very happy. Sometimes it gets so hard coping with not being able to see him (he is active duty military). The last time I saw him in person was almost a year ago. Sometimes, I feel like a bad person and kind of guilty for missing physical touch and affection. I have never thought about cheating but it is hard at times accepting this is how things have to be. I cry about it a lot more than I admit to him because I do not want him to feel like it is his fault or that I blame him, because I do not. There is just a natural human element (like physically seeing him or being with him) that I can not just turn off like a switch. I love him so much and I always want to support him. Please help.


  • Feeling alone when a partner is in the military is understandable. Spending a year with someone and then going an entire year without seeing them again is tough, especially when you are in an intimate relationship.
  • Be open about your feelings when you speak to him. He needs to know this is difficult for you and that you miss him. Being able to share your feelings is important in a relationship, especially a long distance one.
  • If you find yourself with the urge to cheat try to really think it through. Consider your options and the results. You do not want to do something you may regret.
  • Try to think of ways you can take your mind off feeling alone. Take your friends to your local favorite date night spot, spend a holiday with his family, engage in erotic conversation with him or in letters. Be creative in keeping yourself busy.


  • What are the consequences if you cheat?
  • How can please yourself when you are alone?
  • Why have you not expressed your feelings to your boyfriend?