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So, Covid-19, the virus that sent the world to a toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortage. Here’s what I think, I think that they/the news reporters and other attention and money seeking people are exaggerating the numbers. The reason why is because during this virus people are dying of natural causes and people are saying “Oh MY GOSH WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE BECAUSE THIS PERSON DIED OF OLD AGE BUT WE CHOOSE TO SAY ITS COVID”. People are just freaking out for little reason now. I get covid is a “scary” thing but don’t blame other stuff on it and don’t be so freaking paranoid. I was at a fast food place with my family a few weeks ago and this guy was yelling at this lady who wasn’t wearing a mask and saying that she was putting everyone at risks. I am honestly very annoyed and sad for this country because a lot of people are freaking out and getting scared. I willing to bet that the amount of hoarders has increased because people are taking cart fulls of hand sanitizer and toilet paper. People, you don’t need so much toilet paper and hand sanitizer. A pound of beef now costs $100… I’m sorry but did cows all just off and die on us. I don’t think so and its ridiculous that people find it necessary to make stuff costs so much. SO listen up because I have a prediction. In the following months as the amount of prices for stuff increases, businesses and sellers are going to lose because people aren’t gonna buy their stuff anymore and go somewhere else.Hand sanitizer is there so that you can wash your hands when you don’t have soap and water, its not there to kill every disease. For all the people who have lost a family member or loved one to covid, I’m sorry. I’m also sorry if the seems a bit judgey but seriously I know 90 people who agree with me and my family. I felt like getting this frustration out because frankly, I am TIRED of not being able to see my friends and do work AT school.


  • Thank you for being part and expressing your concerns/theory regarding Covid-19.  These are difficult times and we support you having the right to express your opinion here in the Teen Central community.
  • Your expression of your opinion is one of the great things about living in our country.  We are entitled to have our own views. Here are some things that may help you with this pent up frustration: You may want to look at the Tools page under Covid Comic for some possible laughs or insight, or perhaps you would also be interested in viewing the What’s new section under Killing the Corona Boredom to help you find outlets to your frustration and boredom regarding the Covid world.
  • Do your have a trusted friend or adult you can express your feelings to without judgment but also possibly with an opposing view? Sometimes venting like this can make us feel a lot better.


  • Have you ever considered keeping a Journal to help you write your views down when you are frustrated and bored?  You have good writing skills and this may be helpful.  Look under the Tools page under Journaling as a coping skill for more information about Journaling.
  • Perhaps finding a coping skill to have when you start to feel frustrated or bored during these difficult times.  Try looking under the What’s new section, Art as a Coping Skill for Stress.  Art is an excellent outlet and coping skill to use when feeling stressed, upset or bored.  You may want to look for an appropriate coloring book that works for you.  There are many books to choose from depending on your preference at several bookstores and stores like Walmart.
  • Exercise can also be a great way to relieve stress.  Maybe you could try to get a minimum of 20 minutes of cardiac exercise which has been proven to help with stress and anxiety.
  • Maybe you can consider trying to use reading other views regarding the Covid epidemic.  You are entitled to your opinion but may also find it helpful to read articles or talk to friends about their views?  Hopefully we will all start to see some normalcy and be able to connect more with friends in person soon.