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I have this crush on a boy for almost three years. My friend whom I non-purposefully betrayed years ago; which I feel awful about it even though it was years ago, once had a crush on the same boy. I like this boy because he is nice, we both play the same sports, and he is cute. I am too afraid to go up to him and I feel scared that my friend would get him first. It’s not like I can’t talk to her about my feelings because that not what you can in a place like mine. Please help and thank you.


  • It is understandable that you feel afraid to approach your crush to tell him how you feel since you are having trouble with your friend. It is good you care about how your friend will react if you go after a boy you both have a crush on.
  • It might be a good idea to write a letter or email to your friend about the betrayal that occurred years ago. Getting your feelings out about it could help your anxiety and relieve some of your guilt.
  • You will not know how your crush feels about you if you do not tell him. Consider how you might feel if he started dating someone else without you confessing your feelings.
  • It is hard to tell someone how you feel, but try to keep in mind that is the risk people take when it comes to relationship. No matter how he feels about you, don’t let it take anything from you.


  • How will you react if your crush does not return your affections?
  • What ways could you let your crush know how you feel privately without approaching him?
  • What could you do to repair your friendship? What actions would your friend want in order for her to forgive you?