Dad Problems

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About a month ago, I was discharged from KidsPeace mental hospital after being there for 5 months and I have been doing fairly well. Just recently my dad told me that he is refusing to talk to me until I am an adult. I feel as if it is all my fault. I have done a lot of bad things that he just recently found out about. For example, he found out that I was doing sexual things with my cousins and I feel like that is the main reason he will not talk to me. I guess my overall question is, how do I deal with growing up without my dad?


  • It appears that you have made significant progress recently which is something to be proud of. Parents can be difficult to communicate with, especially when a situation like this arises. Try to stay positive and communicate your feelings effectively.
  • Feeling rejected by a parent is hard. Try to occupy your mind by doing an activity, reading a book, hanging out with a friend, or making plans with a close family member.
  • When making decisions, consider how your family would react and if it is worth the choice. It is important to weigh out your options and consider the potential outcomes.
  • Your dad may need time to himself which is okay. The situation may be confusing for him and some space may be needed. Encourage him to talk with your therapist about this situation.  If you don’t have a therapist, it is important to get one, especially with transitioning from residential care to home.  The therapist can help you and your dad negotiate the transition home and work through the challenges that arise.  


  • Other than your dad, what adult can you reach out to for help?
  • How do you feel about reaching out to a friend to confide in during this difficult time?
  • What activities make you feel good about yourself?
  • What are the benefits of giving your dad some space for now?