Dealing with depression and loneliness

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I feel alone. My girlfriend and I have been long distance dating for a while now. She has struggled with depression. I am fine with her condition and I really want to help her. She has a problem with pushing people away and I am one of those people. I want to be strong for her, but she is the only person I can trust with my emotions right now. We used to talk everyday for hours at a time, but now I’m lucky if we talk at all. I am desperate for someone to listen right now. She is busy with her own problems at the moment.


  • It is difficult to help someone who has depression and is pushing others away. It’s also hard when you feel you don’t have support because the person who you talk to is struggling with their own issues.
  • It might be a good idea to find a trusted adult, like a counselor or parent, to help you bring your concerns to your girlfriend’s attention. Having someone mediate the conversation might also help you and your girlfriend begin to share your feelings with each other and create a plan.
  • Try reaching out to others, like family and friends, to deal with your emotions. It might help you cope with your loneliness to have supportive friends around you.
  • Long distance relationships are a challenge. Some couples use phone calls, video calls and social media to keep up with each other. Try writing letters to each other about your daily lives and emotional ups and downs. You might even consider funny cards and emails to cheer each other up.


  • What are some suggestions you might give another couple coping with a long distance relationship?
  • How could a supportive adult or a counselor help you and your girlfriend deal with your emotional issues together?
  • What positive coping strategies could you use for support when talking to your girlfriend isn’t an option?