Dealing With Low Self-Esteem

By March 22, 2018No Comments

Hi, I’d like to talk to someone about some problems I’ve been having. I have really awful self esteem, and I’ve had suicidal thoughts (not that I ever act on them but they’re there occasionally). There’s always something I feel like is stopping me from doing things, like part of me says I’ll never accomplish anything, I’m useless, etc. If somebody could help me deal with this that would be super great!


  • It sounds like you’re in a very difficult time in your life. Rest assured other teens can relate to what you’ve been experiencing>
  • If you are contemplating suicide please call CHILDHELP USA at 1-800-442-4453. There are professional counselors there that will listen to what you have to say. The call is also available 24/7, it’s confidential and it’s toll-free.
  • Life is tough as it is, and sometimes people go through phases of insecurity and even low self-esteem as a result of their life experiences. You are not alone in what you are going through and it’s commendable of you that you are seeking help to deal with this issue.
  • One way to deal with the issue of low self-esteem is to completely avoid negative self talk at all costs. It’s destructive and most importantly it’s not true. You are a unique individual with your own thoughts, beliefs, and even style. That alone makes you a great individual. You have purpose, and you have something significant to contribute to this world.    Replace the negative self talk with positive self talk and start to say to yourself everyday “I am great” or “I am awesome”, when you look in the mirror. Say it everyday, every chance you get you will start to believe it.
  • Talk to a counselor, or a trusted adult , about your feelings. This may help you to get at the crux of your low self-esteem issues. Connect with people who you know love and care for you. They can help you remember how important you are to them.
  • Don’t forget to take very good care of yourself. You might want to try exercise, take up an interesting hobby, read books about maintaining a healthy self-esteem, or do something fun once a week. All of this help you in turn to enjoy life, which will indirectly help your self-esteem for the better.
  • Volunteering in the community for a cause that you care about can also help your self-esteem. Not only can you change someone else’s life by volunteering, but you can also learn to appreciate your life as well.


  • What triggers your negative self talk and low self-esteem?
  • Who can you talk with to help deal with low self-esteem?
  • What are some of your awesome characteristics?
  • What do you believe your purpose is in this world?