Dealing With Mental Health Issues

Dealing With Mental Health Issues

I’m pretty sure I have ADHD, severe depression, severe anxiety, bipolar, and a panic disorder, but every time I bring up any of these to my mom she just says I don’t have any of them. I’ve done research on all of these disorders and I have all of the symptoms of all of them. What can I try to do to make her listen and maybe get help?


There are many people living with depression, anxiety and many other multiple mental health issues. You are not alone.

If you believe you are dealing with ADHD, severe depression, anxiety or any other mental health issue, seek help immediately from a licensed mental health professional like a therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist. Once you see a professional, they will diagnose you and may prescribe couseling or medications, which would help you tremendously in dealing with your mental health issues. A licensed mental health professional will provide paperwork to show your diagnosis, which you can share with your mom if you choose to. Your mom may start to listen more carefully to what you have to say after you’ve seen a doctor.

If you are not sure where to start in looking for a mental health professional, try starting out with a school counselor or even your primary care doctor. They may have some referrals that can help. Your counselor (or doctor) may also be helpful in talking to your mom about how you may be feeling.

While you wait to see a doctor, there are a few things you can do to help yourself. Try exercising, reading a good book, or join groups that focus on helping individuals diagnosed with severe anxiety, depression, etc.



How do you think you can get your mom to understand what you are going through?

Who is a trusted adult you think you can talk to about these issues?

How does research suggest you handle these issues that you have mentioned in your post?

What are some of the things you can do to start feeling better?