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My life is horrible. I’m always sad and I don’t want to do anything besides lay in my bed in the dark. I feel like nobody cares and that they just get mad at me for the way I am even when it is not my fault. Nobody understands me, because they aren’t me. I don’t like talking to anyone about my problems so I don’t know how to get help. I just hate everything and I feel like I’m just worthless. Nobody would care if I was gone. I’m scared to tell anyone anything because I don’t want them to yell at me and make it worse. I just want to sleep in my bed forever. People don’t realize what they are doing to me.


  • When no one pays enough attention to your feelings you can feel alone and like no one in the world cares about anything. You are strong for persevering through your struggles alone even though it’s probably one of the most difficult situations life will ever throw at you.
  • You are not worthless. Everyone matters no matter who they are. Spirituality might help you see life in a different way. Head to the Teen Central website and click the Learn tab then Spirituality to learn more. Spiritual techniques that may help you are prayer, meditation or yoga. Or try attending church services to gain a new perspective.
  • It’s not right for anyone to bully you just for expressing your feelings or for any other reason. You can read more about bullies by heading to the Teen Central website and clicking the Learn tab then Bullying.
  • Despite what you believe now, there are genuine people who truly care about your feelings. You just need to search for them. On the Teen Central website, click the Help tab and call one of the hotlines if you want to speak to someone about your problems. Click the Learn tab then Depression to read more about this serious issue. Knowledge is power.
  • You can also talk to a trusted therapist, school counselor or other mental health professional about any issues that bother you. A professional who does their job correctly is responsible, genuinely cares about your feelings and won’t give up on you.
  • You need real friends who love you as yourself, who won’t kick you when you’re down and who genuinely enjoy spending time with you. One of the best ways to find a real friend is to be yourself. Be brave when dealing with bullies so they don’t intimidate you.
  • Since you don’t have anyone to express you’re feeling to, you can express them with creativity. Holding your feelings in is unhealthy. Art is therapeutic and can be lots of fun. Some activities include writing your feelings in a daily journal, drawing, painting or playing a musical instrument.
  • You can try focusing on something else. Find something to laugh at like a comic book, humorous movie or pictures of funny animals. You can also read a book or listen to music to pass the time.
  • Repeating positive affirmations to yourself is a great way to stop negative thinking.
  • You can become involved in volunteering for a cause you care about. This could make you feel stronger for fighting back against the cruelty you endure. Volunteering at an animal shelter, reading to children or helping a charity that aids the environment are just some of many ways to get involved. You can even adopt a pet from a shelter to save them from a sad death they don’t deserve. Your life matters to someone who needs your help.
  • Be positive in any way you can to bring yourself back up out of the negative rut you’re in. You deserve to live the best life you can.
  • Bad situations pass if you’re patient and if you make an effort to beat them., You can read inspirational stories about successful people who’ve endured abuse, homelessness, and other circumstances to come out on top.


  • In what ways couldĀ  your future be affected for the better if you make a real effort to help yourself now?
  • How is letting people get you down a waste of your time?
  • How would committing to living life make you feel better about yourself and your circumstances?
  • In what ways does consistently being positive change your life for the better?