Did I Do Something Wrong?

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When I was born my dad left my mom and met his wife. When I was little I don’t remember much but I used to visit my dad. Then they had my brother so I used to visit them and my brother. When my dad was in middle school he started doing bad stuff and had to get sent away. Well after my brother was born he started doing it again and had to get sent away again so I won’t be able to see him for a while. We used to send letters to each other. Then he came back and I would visit him. Then I wasn’t able to see him for a while again then I got a little bit older. That happened for the next couple of years. I used to sleep over his house, but it was a complete mess, so I stopped sleeping over and only did day visits. Then those stopped. So he would take me out to do something with him once in a while with my sibling because his wife had already had two kids before my brother. When I would sleep over, we never had time to do anything anymore, so I only spent time with my siblings. Then this year came and we used to see each other during the day sometimes but without my siblings. Then this year came. He would take me on walks this year but then they stopped. I tried texting him but he never answered. Then I got a call from him and it was about him saying that he wouldn’t see me for a while because he had a job in Maine, and he would be gone for a couple weeks. And as soon as he got back we could do something. He also said that I would not be able to see him the next day and I said ok. It has been a couple of mounths and I still have not heard from him. But I went on my step sisters social media and he and his wife have been taking my siblings places. Sometimes I think he hates me, but I know he loves me.


  • Having a parent who can’t be there for you on a regular basis (all the time) can make you feel confused and alone. You have a lot of strength for coming forward to tell your story because we know others who are part of the TeenCentral Community have experienced similar things as you will benefit from hearing it.
  • It sounds like you sense that your father does love you and we are certain that you also love hime very much as well. Your father may be dealing with some spiritual or mental health issues that are preventing him from caring in the way you need right now. Remember you did nothing wrong, and you deserve to be loved no matter what. If you ever become very upset about the situation with your father and would like to talk with someone immediately about it you can text a Crisis Line if you like. Just start a conversation by texting “HELLO” to 741741.
  • Is there any trusted adult in your life who you trust that you could talk to in person that may be able to help you with these issues? Maybe an adult family member, close family friend, teacher, coach, etc. who may be able to hear you out about how you are feeling? Sometimes it’s just easier to talk to a real person than someone behind a computer screen. TeenCentral will always be here for you no matter what, but be we also encourage young people to seek support from trusted adults in their lives.


  • Checkout the “Daily Positive Reminder” in the TOOLS section of TeenCentral. This may help you stay in a positive mindset as you deal with these very complex issues in your life. There is also something called a “Support Plan” in the same TOOLS section which we think could be very helpful to you as well.
  • We can see that you are remaining hopeful in this situation and that’s really good. It’s important to stay hopeful in life and remember that we may face difficulties, but learning to bounce back from those difficulties is extremely important.