Difficulty with relationships

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Hello. I was raped at the age of 6 and have been molested a few times by other men. I have a lot of trust issues with boys for those reasons. I also have PTSD from being raped and molested, and suffer with paranoia and depression and anxiety. I feel like everything that can go wrong in my life has. Can someone please help?


  • One of the first steps to healing is reaching out for help. You are incredibly brave for doing this.
  • Consider speaking to someone face to face about this. It can be a trusted adult, a school counselor, or even a friend’s parent, if you do not feel comfortable speaking to someone closer. Sometimes, when typing on a screen, there is the opportunity to edit, but speaking aloud brings about transparency.
  • In order to heal the present, you must heal the past. It will take some time; it is certainly not overnight. Take some time to let out your emotions in healthy ways, whether it is through keeping a journal or just writing things down and throwing the paper away.
  • Try to equalize the time you spend with others to the time you spend alone. Friends, family and other loved ones help with the healing process.
  • Take time to for self-care, whether it is reading or painting your nails. Sometimes there is a need to unwind.


  • What are some ways you can treat yourself?
  • What are some fun and safe activities you can do with your friends that maybe you would not normally do?
  • What are some ways you can let your emotions out?