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Dog Problems

By June 29, 2017No Comments

I am terrified of dogs, and I am staying at my cousin’s house for the week. She has a dog and knows that I am extremely uncomfortable around it but refuses to put it away or do anything else. I have bad anxiety, and this is only making it worse. People keep trying to tell me that I will be o.k. but they only make my anxiety worse.


  • Managing anxiety, especially when others don’t understand it, can be very frustrating. It was a good idea to write in!
  • You mentioned that your cousin knows that you are uncomfortable, but perhaps you can try sitting down with her one-on-one to talk about just how anxious you get- be very clear on how you feel you and how much that will impact your ability to enjoy your stay. Maybe you and your cousin can arrange a plan that works for both of you.
  • If speaking with her one-to-one isn’t an option, try getting some other people involved in the conversation, maybe your parents (or hers) can help you speak with her.
  • Struggling with anxiety can be tiring, consider checking out the TeenCentral area on anxiety (under the Learn tab) or there is also a Support Plan for managing symptoms of anxiety listed on the Tools page that you can print and use!


  • How might it change your situation to be direct and honest with your cousin?
  • Who are some people you could rely on to support you with this conversation?
  • How might it help your anxiety to have a Support Plan to manage feelings daily?