Eating Disorder

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this is so unbelievably hard for me to type, as i’ve never really put myself out there. i’m not at all public about this until now.

i have anorexia, and it’s been getting worse. it’s really put me in a position where i don’t want to live anymore, but not in a suicidal way. i just don’t want THIS life, you know? i cannot stop obsessing about my weight; i weigh myself at least 6 times a day hoping for any drop.

i have absolutely nothing to be happy about. i’m eating next to nothing. yet, i cannot stop. a part of me doesn’t want to stop, because isn’t this what i’ve always wanted?


Helping Yourself

  • Making the decision to not only acknowledging that you have a problem, but to reach out to someone else to talk about it is such a huge first step in moving forward in any situation. Thank you for trusting Teen Central to help you during this time.
  • Eating disorders can have a serious impact on your overall mental and physical health. There are specialists out there that know a lot and can help you recover. You sound like you’re in a lot of pain over this issue, and you deserve to feel better. Have you thought about reaching out to someone for some professional help with the situation? If it feels like time to get some help, you can reach out to the hotline below for some additional support and information: National Eating Disorders Helpline [Available Mon.-Thurs. 9:00am – 9:00pm, Fri. from 9:00am – 5:00pm (EST)] They offer Support, resources and treatment options for people struggling with eating disorders. Hotline 1-800-931-2237 /
  • It sounds like this problem has really taken a toll on your overall happiness and hopefulness about the future. If these feelings continue to get worse, and suicide does become something you’re thinking about, PLEASE call 1-800-273-8255, 24/7 or text HELLO to 741741.
  • Do you have a parent or another trusted adult in your life that you would feel comfortable trying to share your concerns with? It is helpful to have someone to support you and talk to you while you work through things. If you haven’t already, please visit our site under the “LEARN” tab. We have an Eating Disorders topic that provides some insight and resources that may be helpful to you.

Consider This

  • We can only imagine how hard it was to finally decide to open up and identify this problem you’re having. As you continue to consider what steps to take next, consider using the Making Hard Decisions resource in the TOOLS section.
  • Besides learning about eating disorders and considering if you want to find a professional to help you, consider also looking at the information about Depression in the LEARN section. It’s not uncommon for some problems to happen at the same time and it’s worth getting more information that may help you understand what you’re going through and help you describe to other people what’s happening to you.
  • Consider giving some attention to your overall health and wellness. Taking care of our whole selves help us live healthy. Check out the MPE Toolkit in TOOLS for some ideas about overall wellness.
  • Have you ever tried journaling? Journaling is a great way to get your thoughts and feelings out without worrying about the responses from others. You can also go back and use your entries to help you identify possible triggers for certain feelings or events that you’re going through. Check out the Journaling to Cope with Stress article in the What’s New section.
  • Are you interested in using an artistic outlet for your feelings? Writing, Drawing, Painting, Music- maybe try something new that you haven’t tried before, or go back to something that you used to enjoy, but haven’t done in awhile.