Finding a Mass in My Throat

By September 20, 2020No Comments

Hi, I’m 16 and just found out that I have a mass in my throat.  I wasn’t worried at all until I had a dream that God said that it was soon going to be my time to go and that even though I have done horrible things, he has a place in heaven for me.  I don’t believe in God even though my family is Catholic – too much anger from my past to care.   I don’t want to die.  I have a family and I want to start a business and tell a certain boy that I like him.  What do I do?


  • If you have just received some potentially concerning news about your health, it is very normal to feel a little worried about your future.  In fact, you may have many different reactions, but please remember that you don’t need to deal with these stresses on your own!  Thank you for trusting the TeenCentral community and being so open with your story.
  • There is a saying that “knowledge is power”, so if you have not already done so, please consider making an appointment with a doctor to further assess and provide guidance concerning the mass in your throat.  If we have good, quality information from a medical professional, we oftentimes can make better decisions about how we would feel most comfortable navigating our own health journeys.
  • Whenever we are faced with life’s uncertainties, it is so important to have a strong network of supportive individuals who can be there to listen as we process the many emotions that we may experience.  Sometimes, sharing our feelings and concerns with a trusted adult – like the family members you mentioned – can help provide us both calm and strength!


  • Sometimes when there are so many things in life that cause us to worry, we do not even realize that we forget to make time to do the things that we enjoy.  Are there any hobbies or activities that not only make you happy, but also help reduce your stress?  Self-care is so beneficial and needs to be an important part of any healthy lifestyle!
  • You mentioned how some of your dreams have been causing you to feel some additional stress and concern about your current situation.  Sometimes when we do not have truly restful and rejuvenating sleep, we may feel less prepared and refreshed for the next day.  Repeating this cycle can be truly draining, but there are several things you can try doing to restore a healthy, natural rhythm in your life.  Please check out the post called How to Sleep Better on TeenCentral’s What’s New Blog to learn more about these important ideas.
  • Between these recent developments with your health and all of the future goals that you expressed, it sounds like you are probably juggling a lot right now!  Are you remembering to make and take time to relax?  It may sound silly, or even impossible to do when you are used to always being on the go, but purposeful relaxation has so many benefits for both our physical and mental health.  Check out the Relaxation Tab on LEARN section to read more about different techniques that may help to bring you some added peace of mind.