Friends Drama

Friends Drama

I do not know what to do. I know these two people in school who I consider my friends but, I’m pretty sure they do not consider me as their friend. All I am to them is an annoying leech continuing to cling onto them. They make me feel like I’m always doing something wrong and they always push me away. Today we had to present our group business projects and my teacher asked if there were any other people who have not presented and I said their names. I only wanted to help because it’s a big part of our grades. They began yelling at me and told me I should stop being a mistake in their lives. I don’t know what to do… am I a mistake to them? Please help.


  • It stinks when you put forth a great deal of effort in a friendship, but it’s not reciprocated by the other party.
  • Consider talking to these two people and explaining why you did what you did.Try and tell them you are sorry that you upset them and that was not your intent.
  • Reach out to your parents for support. You might be surprised how helpful parents can be in situations such as this one. Remember, they too were once a teenager.
  • If these two people are not treating you right then maybe they do not deserve you as a friend.


  • How do you feel about speaking to these “friends” about how their treatment makes you feel?
  • How would you advise a sibling that came to you with this specific problem? Why not take your own advice in this case?
  • If they treat you poorly, why do you want to be friends with them?