Frustrated with Parents

Frustrated with Parents

Parents won’t let me be.

I admit, I’m not the greatest person in the world, but my parents will not lay off me. Ever since they found out that I cut myself, they’ve been on my case. I promised that I wouldn’t do it anymore, but they have a hard time trusting me. Since I’m 16, I have a curfew and I have only broken curfew once, but my dad came down even harder on me. If I’m not back by a certain time when hanging out with friends, they call me constantly. I have a girlfriend, but I’m not allowed to go on dates with her unless my older brother or parents chaperone me. When I go to my room, I’m not allowed to lock the door and my dad comes in almost every second of every day. It’s annoying. I know that I shouldn’t have turned to cutting to solve my problems, but this is ridiculous. I feel like I’m in a prison. I just want to be a normal boy and do normal things like most teens my age. I want my parents to start trusting me again and give me room to breathe. What should I do?


  • It is natural for you to feel frustrated with your parents’ reaction to your prior decisions.
  • Your parents are rightfully worried about you and want to ensure that you’re safe. Think about talking to an adult you trust with your parents to try to come to a common ground and get a better understanding of what each of you is feeling.
  • Consider how proving to your parents that you are no longer cutting yourself could increase their trust in you over time. A little more restrictions for a little while may help you in the long run.
  • A peer group could be a great resource that could help you stay on the right path.


  • Have you thought about how your parents felt when they found out about your past cutting?
  • What are you doing to show your parents that you are done cutting yourself for good?
  • What are you doing to ensure that you don’t feel the way you felt when you cut yourself?