Happy to be adopted but something is missing.

Happy to be adopted but something is missing.

I am adopted I like my new parents but miss my birth parents. What should I do?

Consider This:

  • Missing your birth parents after being adopted is quite natural and it shows how strong you are for being able to talk about it.
  • You may want to consider discussing your concerns with your adoptive parents.  Let them know that you like living with them, but that you still miss your birth parents.  You can start by asking them to help you to get more information on how you can contact your birth parents.  You might also consider asking your new parents for advice on how you might be able to visit with your birth parents.
  • If you do not feel comfortable discussing this with your adoptive parents, perhaps there is someone else you can talk to, such as a school counselor, a therapist or a friend’s parents.

Help Yourself

  • What are the pros and cons of asking your adoptive parents for more help?
  • If you asked them for help, how would you explain that you like them but still need your birth parents?
  • If you talked to your adoptive parents about how you are feeling, what do you think they would do or say in response?