Help Me

Help Me

I need help…


  • Needing help can make you feel desperate and alone. You are smart for seeking help for the problems you deal with rather than letting them consume you.
  • If you need someone to talk to you can head to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab to call one of the hotlines. If you’re in serious trouble you can call 911 if necessary. You may also speak to a trusted therapist, school counselor or religious leader about your problems.
  • There are several resources on the Teen Central website designed to aid teens. You can click the Stories tab to read about issues other teens have submitted about. The Learn tab has many mental health issues to click on including Anxiety, Depression and Suicide among others. The Tools tab has useful resources to download.
  • You can find ways to deal with your issues by doing creative activities like drawing, listening to music or playing a musical instrument.
  • Know teen safety tips such as being responsible and not drinking or doing drugs. Only have genuine friends who are positive and are a good influence on you in every way. You can try learning karate for self-defense and discipline.
  • Spiritual techniques such as prayer, yoga and meditation are calming, can give you a sense of safety and often help people change their lives for the better. On the Teen Central website click the Learn tab then Spirituality to learn more on the subject.
  • You can volunteer to gain meaning and a sense of purpose. Help animals, read books to children or plant trees to help the planet. Consider fostering or adopting a pet from a pet shelter.
  •  Be positive by repeating positive affirmations to yourself. Write what you’re grateful for in a daily journal. Read inspiring quotes about spirituality, happiness and positivity. Just be yourself, express your feelings and don’t let others change you.


  • How can having a positive mindset change your life for the better?
  • How can you make sure to only have healthy relationships with people who genuinely care about you in your daily life?
  • What are some other ways to feel and be safer in your daily life?