How Can I Keep Moving Forward?

By October 22, 2017No Comments

I am in foster care and have been for three years. I take medication for depression. I am 14 years old. My dad abused me, my mom left when I was six years old and I was sexually abused in one of my foster homes. I feel alone, like I have nobody. I need advice on how to keep pushing forward. Can you please help me?


  • Being mistreated by others can make you feel alone and discouraged. You are strong for persevering through this difficult time in your life even with no one to help you.
  • Be positive. Everything happens for a reason. Let the horrible crimes these people committed against you make you stronger. Negativity only persists if you let it.
  • Find activities to focus on like listening to music, creating art or even join a club or sport. By focusing on other things you won’t have as much time to pay attention to the bad things happening around you.
  • Volunteer. Try joining an organization that you believe in. Some great organizations are Habitat for Humanity, Reading is Fundamental and The Humane Society of the United States. You might find a group of like-minded people or you can even volunteer individually.
  • Find inspiration. Get a mentor or find someone like a celebrity to look up to.
  • You don’t have to go through this alone. Abuse is a crime. Consider telling the proper authorities or you can go to the Teen Central website, click on the Help tab and call the National Sexual Assault Hotline.
  • See a therapist or psychologist. Find a real one who you can actually trust.
  • Become more spiritual. On the Teen Central website click on the Learn tab and go to Spirituality. You are stronger than you think and the bad things that happened to you may be a test. to see how well you can endure them alone.
  • Remember that there are people who care but you just need to find them. Teenagers are often misunderstood and this leads negative people to take advantage of them. It is NEVER okay to hurt a child or anyone. These bad peopleĀ  will get what they deserve.
  • Take time to be grateful for your life each day by writing in a journal. At least you are not hurting others the way they hurt you because you are better than them.
  • On the Teen Central Website you may try calling other hotlines for depression which you may find under the Help tab.
  • Medication may not be the best option for your depression. Try to find a trusted adult to talk to about natural ways to relieve depression such as eating healthier, regular exercise and getting enough sleep. Keep asking people to help you, eventually someone has to give in.



  • What are some positive ways you can prepare for your future?
  • Would seeing your situation in a more realistic way make you less afraid?
  • Can you think of strong people who have overcome situations similar to yours?
  • How can you relate to people who’ve overcome abusive situations and in what ways can you be more like them?