How Do I Fix It?

By March 22, 2020No Comments

I’ve written into TeenCentral recently about some things in my life. I did what u said and it helped! I found out who would be a better partner (between two guys I liked) but decided to not pick yet since I’m still young and new to this (I’m 13). I still feel my emotions rising for one guy faster than the other. And everyday that I’m at home, I miss both of them more and more! What do I do now?

Any way I told my friend that we like the same guy and she reacted a lot better than I expected! But I feel like she’s upset that I didn’t tell her sooner. How do I fix that?

And thank y’all for all the advice! Y’all are really helping! I decided that once I get everything figured out for the most part, I’m gonna talk to my aunt. Thanks for all the support!


  • Thank you for the encouraging words about TeenCentral! We are so glad that the advice and tools are helping to guide you along the way. But you should really pat yourself on the back because you are the one that is doing all of the work for yourself. It sounds like you are seeking out tools and advice from various sources, considering them all, and doing your best to make good decisions. That’s really mature for someone your age, and you should be proud of yourself!
  • It’s a great idea to bring some of these situations to a trusted adult like your aunt. Sometimes talking it all out with someone who is a great listener will really help you sort things out. It might be helpful to have someone be able to have immediate back-and-forth interaction with you in a conversation as you work these things out since sometimes it takes a little while to get a response from TC.
  • It’s going to be hard for everyone to wait out sitting at home for an extended period of time and not seeing friends or extended family. I know it’s a real bummer. Missing your classmates and very close friends is a natural feeling. Are you able to connect with the people you miss online in healthy ways? As for your friend who’s feeling upset, maybe the time apart is a good thing. Sometimes a little space is good for friendships that are a bit stressed. Your friend probably just needs some time to process the situation. Remember – you’ve known about your feelings for a while, but she’s only just found out about them. Give her time.


  • You’re not alone in what you are experiencing. is full of stories from teens all over the globe who have experienced various types of relationships concerns – some of them, just like yours. You may want to browse some of those stories and see if any of the advice given to those stories may also apply to you. At the very least, seeing them can remind you that what you’re going through is something very normal and natural.
  • If you find yourself focusing too much on these issues with the two guys and your friend, try to think of things to do to distract yourself. How about getting outside to take a walk? Or maybe other forms of exercise? I’m thinking that this could help burn off some energy while you’re sitting at home during these weeks waiting for your routine to get back to normal.