How Do I Suppress My Feelings?

By March 23, 2020No Comments

I’ve read a few other stories on TeenCentral and some of the advice I read on those stories helped me too, like using grounding techniques and considering what I feel like if things got awkward. Thanks so much!

But there is still a problem. I have decided not to pick between two boys that I like, for now. But my feelings still grow stronger each day for the both of them. Is there a way to suppress these feelings until I am ready to decide? If not, what would be the next step for me? what do I do and how do I fix it?


  • It’s really a great idea to try new techniques for handling emotions. Good for you for reading about and trying the grounding techniques. It’s important also to consider the possible outcome of situations depending on how you act. Thinking about potential consequences of your decisions helps you to make the best decision you can, while under the circumstances in front of you. It’s better to do this than to act impulsively. Bravo to you for considering these things and trying out the techniques provided on TeenCentral!
  • Another word for “suppress” we’d like to use is “outlet“. Finding an outlet for building emotions is really important especially if you’re not ready to act on your emotions yet. So, what kinds of healthy outlets can you use? Under the “LEARN” tab on TeenCentral click on “Wellness” and select “Being Active“. There are some ideas on there that I think could help you with finding an outlet for emotion in a healthy way. Also on the “TOOLS” tab there is a downloadable guide for some yoga poses. Yoga is a great way to manage emotions in a healthy way. Give it a try!


  • Some things in life don’t have a “quick fix“, but instead need time to work themselves out. Consider writing a journal entry about how you feel about waiting for the situation to work out on it’s own? Does it make you feel anxious or worried? Upset or angry? Peaceful and calm? How can you cope with the feelings that come up about waiting?
  • Who are the supportive people in your life that can speak truth to you about this situation? Who can you depend upon to be supportive but also honest with you about the decisions you are making? Remember the technique of considering possible outcomes of the situation. What are the long-term possible outcomes, and how can the decisions you make positively or negatively impact those outcomes? These questions would be great ones to reflect upon and answer in a journal, or talk about with a trusted adult in your life.