I am 13 Years Old and I Am FTM Transgender

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I’m 13 years old and I’m FTM Transgender, but that’s not the big deal of this story. When I was 10, I was sexually abused for 4 months. And, after the 4 month mark, I was raped by HIM. I can’t help but blame myself.ย  Was it the clothes I was wearing? Was it my fault? In January 2017, I tried committing suicide by drinking a bottle of bleach. ย It was one of the scariest moments of my life yet.ย  I felt something touch me. To this day, I still wonder how I’m living through this and why I haven’t tried to end my life yet. Is there any way I can get through this nightmare?


  • You’ve been through a lot in your 13 years; more than most people experience in a lifetime. Although your situation is unique to there are other teens that can relate to your dilemma on some level.
  • It’s important that you reach out to someone to share your story. Someone who’ll listen to what you have to say without judging you. You can always call the Child Help hotline at 1-800-422-4453. The call is available 24/7, it’s toll-free and it’s totally confidential. Give it a try!
  • Although this terrible ordeal occurred when you were 10 it’s important that this individual be help accountable for his actions. If you haven’t done so already, reach out to someone who’ll support you in having this person prosecuted.
  • What happened to you is NOT your fault! There’s nothing you did or didn’t do to justify his actions.


  • What would the conversation with ย trustworthy adult (or a teacher at school) should like and then how would the conversation go with the authorities?
  • How would your life be different if you were able to tell a trustworthy adult or the police about these incidents of abuse and rape?
  • What are some hobbies or other outlets that you may enjoy to help you to cope?