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I Can’t Stop My Anger

By July 4, 2017No Comments

I handle whatever life throws at me. I can deal with the stress from my life. I have a decent life, not perfect but okay. I want to release it in an explosion, a sudden burst of energy, yet I’m incapable of it since I never get pushed to that point. I always release it before I get too angry but it never entirely goes away. I have lost my emotions to the point that I have to emulate them.


  • It can be confusing and upsetting when you have built up emotions and don’t know how to handle them. You are strong for reaching out on how to handle what you are feeling.
  • Think of healthy coping mechanisms that you can do that will help you release some of your anger such as writing, listening to music, or exercising.
  • You should consider telling your parents or a trusted adult about your problem. They may be able to help and support you so you do not have to go through this alone.
  • Exercise is a great way to decrease stress and negative emotions. If you want to learn more about exercising check out Running Guide, Strength Training and Yoga Pose under the Learn Tab on TeenCentral.


  • What are some ways you can feel better without releasing your anger in an “explosion?”
  • Who do you feel that you could tell about this problem?
  • How could telling that person change this problem that you are facing?
  • How could getting help, support, and using healthy coping mechanisms for this problem change things for you?