I feel crazy

By October 11, 2017No Comments

I think I might have SAD as the annual depression is kicking in, and my grades are going to suffer if I don’t get it together. Under all this, my best friend and love of mine has started ignoring me since a guy started giving her attention. No one knows why I hate him so much; no one knows I’m gay except my therapist and my friend. We were both interested in each other but of course, cautious. We used to hold hands and lay in bed and talk until the sun shone through the windows. I used to be her person. We talked all the time, for about 7 months until just recently. It was one of the only times I’ve truly felt happy and like I belonged.

The guy now was arrested for drug dealing a couple months back and just wants to get laid. I’m sorry for the long thing, I just don’t know what to do. I didn’t know anything could hurt this much. Seeing her talking with him makes me feel worse than I’ve ever felt. I literally do feel like someone pulled my heart out of my chest.


  • It is a very difficult time when the person you care deeply for is not interested any more. It can cause great sadness and that is okay to feel.
  • Maybe you can talk with a trusted adult, your therapist or another close friend about your feelings and your depression you are feeling. This way you all can come up with solutions to help you get through the sadness.
  • Maybe you can take this time to take care of yourself. Do somethings you like to do, watch your favorite movie, go for walks and listen to your favorite music, etc.
  • Maybe you can do some physical activity or relaxation to help you through this time like yoga, running, meditation, or writing in a journal your feelings about the situation to help you process.
  • There are many helpful support groups for the LGBTQ youth community. Maybe you can search online in your town to find a support group or check on to find other people online that can be supportive during this difficult time.


  • What could happen if you talked with a trusted adult, your therapist or friend about your situation? What solutions could you come up with to help you process?
  • What are some things that you can do to take care of yourself and be kind to yourself?
  • What are some physical activities you can do or relaxation techniques to help you process through this sadness?