I Feel So Alone

By November 19, 2017No Comments

Imagine waking up everyday to a world you try to love but it does not love you back. No matter how hard you try, the world just does not seem to pay you mind. Now imagine the people, nothing more but faces no matter how hard you try, no one notices and no one cares. You love your life as a shell of a person containing all your emotions and only showing the fake ones. Imagine being eight years old and realizing that no one on this planet really cares about you. You realize people only care about themselves and the ones they love. Coming to the conclusion that you are only a tool and no one cares about you and others use you to better themselves, that no matter what you do no one seems to care until it affects them. Mind you, I was eight when I realized this and I am 17 years old now. My entire life so far has been lived with the thought that no one cares and my opinion does not matter. I have lost so many opportunities in life because of this. For an example, I have never had a real person to love or show affection to and I never had any friends that really care. Everyone I have ever tried to get close to has left me and I soon fear that my heart is growing completely cold. I am slowly losing what sanity I have left.


  • Your feelings are relatable. The world, at times, can be quite complex and confusing causing you to feel completely alone. Try to remain positive through this and surround yourself with the right people.
  • It sounds like talking to someone may be something to consider. You can talk to a school counselor, a family member, and even a friend.
  • Take time alone. If you feel that you cannot be yourself, try to take some time to think about it. Think about what is preventing you of being who you are and what has caused you to feel this way.
  • Keep yourself busy with activities you enjoy. You can have a friend come along or take the time for yourself. You can draw, read, write, join a sport, join a club, hang out with your friends or think of ways that you can make new friends.  


  • What caused you to come to this conclusion at the age of thirteen? What happened?
  • Is there something in particular that is bothering you? How can you approach the issue?
  • What are the benefits of expressing your thoughts to someone that is trustworthy?
  • What can you do that will make you feel at peace and happy?