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I Feel So Numb

By June 30, 2017No Comments

Is it possible to feel nothing at all? I’m a recovering addict; a year and two months today. It was crazy how in the beginning I started doing drugs to not feel and to forget. But now all I want is to feel something and I don’t. Things that should make me happy don’t, but I don’t feel sadness either. Just emptiness. Do I need a drug to make me feel alive? Am I that dull? It’s easy when all you have to live for is a drug; nothing else matters. But I want something to matter. I know I care about things somewhere in there. I just can’t feel it.


  • What a great accomplishment to get off drugs. Good for you! That in of itself is a wonderful milestone in your new life.
  • Maybe you can give yourself the opportunity to explore the new adventures you can have in your life. Starting fresh you can go to the zoo, botanical gardens, go to a museum and explore art and sculptures. Bring a friend to help enjoy the experience.
  • Some other opportunities that might interest you are exercising, going for walks, rediscovering nature, going to a play or musical, attending a concert with friends.
  • Getting together with others can be fun to in a relaxed, sober way. Go to the movies and then go to dinner to discuss how the movie made you feel. Or maybe try writing or drawing to express what is going on inside.
  • There are also many suggestions on or online to help you rediscover your new world of opportunities available to you.


  • What would happen if you went to a zoo, botanical garden, or museum?
  • What would happen if you went for a walk by yourself or with friends, what could happen if you wen to a play or concert to rediscover your likes?
  • How do you feel about going to a movie and dinner with friends to reconnect? What would happen if you expressed your self through writing or art?
  • What can you discover on or online to help motivate you to rediscover your world?