I Hate My Life

I Hate My Life

Sometimes I just want to die. I feel like no one likes me. School is just so stressful. My grandma just died and my life is falling apart. I go to so many doctors that I am just wasting my family’s money. My dad lost his job. I am never happy. I hate school because everyday is a bad day. My dog is starting to bite me and everyone is blaming me. My head might blow off, I can’t take my life anymore. Can I have a good day? Is my life ever going to be good? I do not know. I am up in my room upset and no one seems to care. I want my grandma back. Everyone in my family is quiet and we try not to bring my grandma up. She still makes me sad. I feel like I didn’t spend enough time with her and now I can never  spend time with her again. I am also failing school right now. My life got turned upside down and I feel like I will never have the good life that I used to have again. Will my life ever be better? Thanks for listening to this.


  • Losing a family member is difficult and causes a rush of emotions for everyone. Your feelings are relatable since you recently lost someone you love.
  • It sounds that you have doctors to talk to but try talking to someone in your family or a close friend. Everyone deals with loss differently and it may be a good idea to see how others cope with loss.
  • School can be stressful at times but it is very important. Try talking to your teachers and see if there is a way you can avoid failing your classes.
  • Try to celebrate your grandma’s life with something she would have liked. For an example, cook her favorite meal, listen to her favorite song, hang a picture of her up and bring her flowers.


  • Why do you feel that you cannot be happy?
  • Is there a family member you are willing to  talk to?
  • What advice would your grandma give you?