I Have Depression

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I deal with depression and feel like the whole world is against me. A lot of the time when I feel sad or upset I want to hurt or kill myself. I mean I don’t want to but in another way I do. I am on medication but I feel like it doesn’t help. I think the things that trigger my depression are that my parents are always on my case about my school work, and the fact I don’t have any friends at school. Also my sister laughs at me. I think the way I deal with my depression is that when I’m mad or sad I cut myself or even punch walls. One time, when I hurt myself, I broke my shoulder.


  • Having depression can make you feel frustrated and alone. You are strong for caring about your own well-being to take action despite being bullied by people.
  • Harming yourself in any way or considering suicide are actions which should be taken seriously. If you need someone to talk to you can go to the Teen Central website and click the Help tab. where you may call the National Suicide Hotline or any other number you feel that you need. Under the Learn tab you can click Depression to learn more about your issue.
  • It may be good for you to try finding a trusted adult or therapist. There are good adults who actually will care about your situation but you need to search for them.
  • Sometimes medication doesn’t fit everyone. Some people choose more natural solutions like homeopathic/other natural doctors. Additionally, a more healthy lifestyle often helps people with serious illnesses. This includes eating all natural/organic foods with no preservatives, regular exercise and living a calmer life which includes meditation or yoga.
  • You can also consider becoming more spiritual. You can read more on the Teen Central website by clicking the Learn tab then Spirituality. Some spiritual activities include prayer, meditation, yoga and attending church services.
  • In order to get away from cruel people, you can try focusing on more solitary activities like listening to music, drawing or reading a book.
  • You can try letting your thoughts and feelings out in a healthy way by writing them down in a journal.
  • Be yourself and continue to be brave. Maybe you and your family are just incompatible. Try to find real friends who share your interests and think like you.
  • Be positive. Volunteering may be a fun way to meet real friends and gain a real purpose in life. Some great organizations are Reading is Fundamental, The Humane Society of the United States and American Red Cross.
  • If you become more responsible you can be more in control of your life and the way people treat you. Some responsible activities you can consider are a part-time job, focus more on homework or join a club.


  • In what ways can you focus less on other peoples’ bad treatment of you and more on positive things?
  • In what ways would being more realistic about things make life easier for you?
  • Can you think of any other fun activities where you can meet friends who share your interests?
  • In what ways could your situation make you stronger and how could it affect your future in a positive way?
  • Can you think of all of the ways that your life is important?