I Need To Talk To Someone About Bettering Myself

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I need to talk to someone about helping to better myself when I get angry.  I recently just got into an argument with my stepdad and tried to kill him with a hockey stick, which was not me.  Thoughts to harm myself and others were in my mind for about 2-3 weeks and got me sent to KidsPeace psychiatric hospital. I do not like to get redirected if i am doing something wrong. I just had my second day in KidsPeace psychiatric partial hospital and it was horrible.  I first got there and a staff member gave me attitude because I wanted to wear my jacket, which did not have a zipper, because it is freezing in there. They also would not let me bring my orange, which I wanted as a snack for after lunch,  so I did not participate in the group that was taking place in the room.   I gave them attitude back in protest. I recently was diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder.  I was adopted at such a young age and you should also know that before I was adopted and was still a toddler I was in a house that was drug abusive. They did not take me out of the crib or take care of me at all. This led up to several physical delays.  I am out of ideas.  I have tried multiple things like telling my parents that I am frustrated and talking to them about it which just usually ends up turning into a heated argument or me flipping out. I need help with finding the right coping skills. I like to exercise. I mostly run but when I am frustrated they do not trust me outside because I like to run away a lot.  This makes them scared. And for a good reason. I am hoping this website could help me because I am literally out of ideas. Please, if anybody has any ideas, don’t be scared to reach out and help me because I desperately need it.



  • Controlling one’s anger is a skill that many people struggle with, not just teenagers!  You are brave for reaching out and looking for a way to overcome the problem.
  • You may be able to reach out to one of your counselors to mediate a discussion with you and your parents in order to help them to better understand your feelings and hopefully making it easier to live together.
  • Consider in counseling figuring out why you want to run away.  This may help open up some outlets to help with your aggression such as running and sports.
  • Another option may be joining a sports team at school.  Possibly track and field or cross country.  Also there are many supervised athletic groups.  See if your counselor and parents can work together to get you involved in a supervised sport.  This may help redirect your anger and find some enjoyment.
  • Counseling including yourself and your family together to discuss your recent diagnosis with Reactive Attachment Disorder may help everyone involved to cope better and limit frustrations from both yourself and your family hopefully helping to control your anger.


  • How would you feel if you were able to freely talk with your family about your feelings?
  • How could your life improve if you were able to control the feeling of running away as well as anger?
  • How could being involved in supervised group sports improve your anger?  How would you and your family feel to see you happy and doing something you enjoy like running?