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I recently found out that I’m borderline

By August 28, 2022No Comments

Ok so I recently found out that I’m borderline (diagnosed by a professional) (after being misdiagnosed for years) and is there a certain type of treatment I need? Will people think I’m weird? My therapist says that even psychiatrists stereotype people with BPD. I just want to know my right diagnosis and now that I do know it, it just makes me angry how stigmatized it is. I don’t want to tell my school counselor either because of that. I don’t know I’m just scared


  • First, thank you for reaching out to the TeenCentral community. It takes a lot of courage to seek support for mental health conditions and then talk about those things openly. Great job! Just the act of sharing your story helps destigmatize mental health. We appreciate you taking that step!
  • Showing an interest in understanding your situation and educating yourself is very mature and important to helping you overcome this obstacle.  Your therapist can probably point you in the direction of some very good information about Borderline Personality and popular treatment options. Treatment is case by case, so we encourage you to keep working through that with your therapist.
  • It’s normal and okay to be scared but remember – you are way more than your diagnosis. It also doesn’t change the person you already are. Instead, it can help you understand why you may think, feel, and act in certain ways. That is a powerful tool to have. We all have baggage. It’s what we do with it that matters.


  • Keep sharing your story with others in your life as you feel comfortable; it’s your story to tell. Aside from that, we think it’s still really important to use your support systems to help you work through your thoughts and feelings. Who are the people in your life you can trust to talk to about your situation?
  • Anytime someone is experiencing mental health challenges, it’s important to having coping skills and ways to help yourself feel better during hard moments. What are the things that work for you to feel better? It can be anything: talking to a friend, cleaning, exercising or even just listening to your favorite song.
  • Continue surrounding yourself with happiness as much as possible. What are the hobbies and interests you have that bring you joy? Who are the people you get along with and feel positive around?