I Think I’m Super Confused

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I Was in a year relationship with a guy! it was a toxic relationship, that ended! Idk if I’m totally over him!
But later on, another guy came into my life, He was my senior in college! We started snapping exchanged numbers and spoke literally every day! that also went on for a year, my friends and everyone felt we were dating! Honestly , I did have a crush on him but was not ready for a relationship! to be very honest he used to treat me as though a guy would treat his girl! Maybe it’s me who thought that but all my friends felt the same!!
Later on for a month all of a sudden he stopped texting me! He began to behave really weird ..ignorance and everything!
Once I sent him a picture of mine to post on Instagram! he usually used to give me captions I thought it’s a good way to begin a conversation!
I was really stunned! I got two captions but then later on I get a message that to from his girlfriend! I didn’t know how to take it, I was happy for him but I was also a Lil sad that all this while he didn’t tell me about it when we used to be two people who told each other everything suddenly a vacuum came up!
Sometimes I get this feeling that maybe because I’m not like other girls. I’m a Lil bubbly and not so thin that’s why he doesn’t like me idk I really do I get so pulled back thinking about all this!
any guy comes into my life they just make me feel good and then just leave without a reason.
so helpless idk whom to explain my situation idk if I was even clear for anyone of you all will understand



  • It sounds like you had some strong feelings for your friend and the relationship was very close. It feels really painful when any close relationship, friend or romantic, falls apart, especially if we really don’t know why. Thank you for reaching out to Teen Central for support. Consider checking out the other stories people have submitted. You will see that you are not alone!
  • It sounds like you have a big heart, and easily welcome people into your life. That’s a wonderful quality, but can come with a price when a relationship feels “toxic” or ends. Take care of your heart and your well-being by remembering your awesome qualities no matter who is in your life at the time. In the TOOLS section of Teen Central, check out 8 Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship to learn about qualities of both healthy and unhealthy relationships that may help you navigate this part of your life.
  • Do you have any trusted family or friends that you can talk to about these experiences? Even if there’s nothing this person can do to change a situation, having someone to tell your story to that you know will listen (besides us!) can help put things in perspective and help you feel less overwhelmed by these complicated emotions.


  • It sounds like your close friend didn’t know how to handle telling you about their new girlfriend, which may mean they were just as confused about your relationship as you were. Since you were so close, it’s possible that taking a step to start a conversation with them may pay off in keeping a good friendship. If you’re not sure how to do that, try writing some thoughts down that you want to say, or writing them a letter – that way you have your thoughts in hand when it’s time to talk.
  • You mentioned that you are “not like other girls” and maybe that’s why your friend didn’t have romantic feelings for you. DON’T FALL INTO THIS TRAP! There is nothing “wrong” with you just because they didn’t have these feelings for you. People connect with others for all kinds of reasons, and sometimes those connections are really strong, sometimes they’re not. Consider that there may be someone even MORE suited to you out there that you just haven’t met yet.
  • Consider how you’re taking care of yourself. Make time to do the things you enjoy – whatever that may be – music, dance, art, journaling, time with family/pets, exercise, etc. Giving this time to yourself is an important part of your own well-being. Check out the WHAT’S NEW and the TOOLS sections for information about yoga, art, deep breathing and more that can help you navigate any stormy times along your journey!