I Want to Stay Out Late

By December 7, 2018No Comments

I want to stay out late but my parents won’t let me.


  • Wanting more freedom as a teenager can make you feel frustrated and like you’re missing out on life. You are smart for wondering why your parents can control your curfew even though you feel a desire to live life.
  • Your parents likely have your best interests in mind. As a teen, you’re young and you lack experience in the grown-up world. There are dangerous people out there who are just waiting for a chance to take advantage of a naive kid. Kids your own age can be a bad influence on you because they might convince you to do drugs or drink alcohol, among other things. Your parents want to keep you safe. This is their responsibility.
  • Before you become an adult, you need to learn responsibility. This will help you make informed decisions about your own life. Your own safety is very important.
  • You might benefit from seeing all the ways you can be grateful that your parents care about your safety and well-being. You can write reasons to be grateful for your parents and your life in a journal.
  • When you’re 18, you can make your own decisions about curfews.
  • Since you can’t go out, you can find other ways to spend your time at home. You can try expressing yourself creatively with painting, drawing, playing a musical instrument or writing. Other activities you can do include reading books, listening to music, watching humorous movies or playing games.
  • Be positive. There are other ways to enjoy being a teenager besides staying out late. Find what works for you so you don’t have to focus on this matter too much.


  • Can you imagine how your life might be different if you had irresponsible parents who didn’t care what happens to you?
  • In what positive ways could your future be affected since you have parents who are responsible?
  • How can you commit to having healthy goals which will help you live a good life?