I Would Like To Start By Sharing My Insecurities

I Would Like To Start By Sharing My Insecurities

I would like to start my story by sharing my insecurities.
I tend to self sabotage anything that I’m working towards.  I also procrastinate therefore I feel that I can’t achieve my short term goals.   I’m always afraid that because of this I won’t be able to achieve my long term goals such as graduating and moving ahead. It feels that I’m never able to improve because once I try to improve I fall back into making the wrong decisions.


  • Consider reaching out to a school counselor or another counselor to try to determine why this continues to happen. They might be able to provide you some resources to help you stay on target.  Any change can be hard and you will have times where you go back to your old habits.  Try to find out why you went back to an old habit and make sure you watch out for that next time.  By reaching out to your counselors you will also show that you are serious about making an change and there is another person to help hold you accountable and provide some feedback.
  • Consider how you would feel if you accomplished your goals.  How proud would you be?  Try to use this as a motivator for change.  Find little ways to reward yourself and recognize the small changes you make.  Each small change adds up to big changes.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself when you mess up.  We all mess up, especially when we are setting a new goal for ourselves.  Make sure you are telling yourself positive messages and never give up on yourself!


  • How would a conversation with a counselor go?  Think about the answer when the counselor asks you  why you self sabotage.
  • How would you apply the same enjoyment to your goals that you would your leisure activities?
  • How would a conversation with your parents go?  Perhaps a little encouragement from your family and friends is the little kick you need to help accomplish your goals.  Often it is easy to fill our minds with self doubt and negativity.