id like to die

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[statement withheld for the benefit of others]

i just want to die NOW. you probably shouldnt post this . youll just give me hotline numbers ill never call.

tell me its alright. i dont wanna hear it. why do people think suicide is a bad thing? its like leaving a bad situation. just more permanent.


  • We are glad you wrote to us. It’s like we can feel your pain through the words you are writing, and sharing that pain is a very brave thing to do. Many others here on this site have shared similar pain. We are so sorry you are going through whatever it is that has brought you to this point.
  • It kind of seems like you’ve written in before and have heard the hotlines – or maybe you’ve just seen some of the other responses. You know where to find them – on the HELP page – so we won’t repeat them here. We respect that you don’t really have interest in calling those numbers – but still – they are there if you change your mind.
  • Why do people think suicide is a bad thing? Maybe because when you’re young you only have a limited perspective on life. Making such a permanent decision and ending everything when the current situation could be rather short-lived – or manageable – or somehow something you are able to overcome – seems to an adult to be a waste of a life I guess. Where from a young person’s perspective – he/she/they only see it from a single perspective.
  • Is it possible that you might change your mind and want help with this? Would you consider going to the local emergency room and talking with a doctor? Or calling 911? Or talking with a trusted adult?

It’s NOT alright, BTW. You feeling this way is NOT alright. We can only imagine what must have brought you to the point of feeling this way about your life and we fully respect those feelings. Our hope is that you can find SUPPORT so that somehow there is hope enough to get you through this crisis. Your life is worth it.


  • This didn’t happen overnight, your feelings of wanting to die. It would be wise to learn more about mental illness and depression – especially. We have information on this website. But we would highly recommend that you seek out the help of a professional therapist to teach you even more than what you can find here. Learn about the triggers in depression that can cause you to feel worse. Work with someone over time to develop coping skills for when life doesn’t seem worth living.