IDK What It Was

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i met this guy in the month of an as we were in same class and due to the pandemic we met through texts! he was a really nice guy!
although it may seem how can u trust like that but honestly his behaviour remained same for 3 months! one day we decided to go on a movie and it was pretty obvious we had a mutual liking toward each other! it was very open but then neither of us opened up!After the movie date we got more close! He was this chivalrous guy who took good care of me! exactly one week after the date he asked me out! He asked me to be his girlfriend! since I liked him I accepted it! he was happy and told finally ur my girlfriend! exactly after 2 days he comes up to me telling lets go back to being friends since I’m really scared of loosing you! i like how we are now and want it to continue! my anger will butcher our relationship coz he had a best friend who stopped talking to him due to this issues! i was in shock I dint know how to react ! i agreed with him because I thought maybe that is a more matured decision! But after that day he does talk to me everyday but then suddenly a gap came …now idk what to do? I’m very badly hurt thinking about it! i was so sure he likes me coz when i met him i did realise it! even now he is the for me when i need him! but then since that day a lil apart we’ve become and idk if he is guilty or what to call ?? that confused i am ! please help me!



  • Thank you for writing to Teen Central. Sounds like you have a confusing situation on your hands! We’re happy to listen and offer some suggestions.
  • Confusion, rejection and loneliness can all come along with relationships that don’t work out, and sometimes those feelings can grow and grow (the “snowball effect”) until they feel unmanageable. If you ever feel like things are getting overwhelming or you’re really feeling down on yourself (we hope this doesn’t happen!), you can reach out to someone 24/7! Call 1-800-273-8255 anytime or text 741741. Someone is always there if you need to talk. You are never alone!! 
  • Do you have a trusted family member or friend that you can talk to about this relationship? Just having someone listen to you, even if they can’t solve the problem, can feel really reassuring.


  • Early on in relationships, people can feel uncertain, shy or uncomfortable as they are getting to know someone and hoping that someone likes them. We often put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be perfect, or exactly what we think the other person wants, when really relationships are kind of like friendships – some people click right away and others don’t. Remember to try and take the pressure off yourself and this boy when it comes to making this relationship work. Check out the TOOLS section of Teen Central where there’s a section on Relationships. You can find signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships that can keep you focused on making sure you are safe and this relationship feels right, even if you both agree to just be friends.
  • It sounds like he has some fear about starting a relationship with you because of losing a good friend in the past. It’s terrific that he trusted you to share this with you! You could consider trying to talk to him about this, without any pressure about the relationship, since you both are already friends. It sounds like you are important to him if he is worried about losing you. If you feel comfortable, ask him how you can be a friend to him and support him if he is feeling his emotions start to get too big, and, most importantly, listen to him. Like we said earlier, having someone listen to you feels really reassuring, even if you can’t solve the problem for him.
  • While you’re trying to figure out how to move forward with this friendship/relationship, remember to always make time to take care of yourself! Doing things that help you feel confident and happy will only add to any relationship you decide to get into, as well as do a world of good for you! Think about all the things you like to do – dance, music, art, writing, exercise, video games, social media, going outside, playing with pets, reading – the list goes on and on! Try giving 10 minutes every day to doing something you love. Check out our “What’s New” section for information about how journaling and art can also help with stress, the TOOLS section for resources about yoga and the LEARN section for information about WELLNESS.