I’m bi(sexual)

By April 2, 2020No Comments

I’m 13 and it’s hard because my dad doesn’t accept that I’m bi(sexual) and it feels weird liking both genders. I know I feel that way and you can’t change that, its just still weird and new to me.


  • It sounds like this is a very confusing time for you. We’re glad you trust the Teen Central community to help!
  • There are so many resources in the LGBTQ+ community, some which can be found here on our LEARN tab under Sexuality. I encourage you to specifically look at the What’s your plan for self-care tab.
  • If you are ever feeling as though you need to talk to someone, but don’t have access, a journal or other creative outlet could be helpful to get some of your thoughts, feelings, frustrations, or questions out of your head and down on paper. There is a recent blog post on how to start journaling, under the What’s New section.


  • Let’s be honest, being 13 is hard, let alone handling lack of acceptance from a family member. What are the things in your life that you feel accepted for? What are you proud of? Very often, we can look at one aspect of ourselves and make it the only thing that matters. Celebrate your unique abilities!
  • While you’re learning about yourself and about relationships, both romantic and otherwise, it may be useful to consider what your needs and wants are in your partnerships with other individuals. The Relationships tab, which has information on healthy and unhealthy relationships, may be a good place to start. What do you bring to a partnership? What do you expect from your partners? What do you bring and expect from your family relationships? Exploring these questions may help you better identify your needs are, so that you can advocate for them.
  • Is there a trusted adult that you can discuss your thoughts with? If your parents are not open to a conversation at this time, consider reaching out to someone with life experience who may help you to process everything out loud.