I’m Done

I’m Done

I want to die, life isn’t worth the effort.


Life is very tough and everyone goes through many times in life where they feel distressed. You are not alone in what you are going through.

If you are contemplating suicide please call CHILDHELP USA at 1-800-442-4453. There are professional counselors there that will listen to what you have to say, the call is also available 24/7, it’s confidential and it’s toll-free. 

Life is tough for everyone and sometimes talking to a counselor, therapist, or a trusted adult, can help you sort through your problems and help you deal with difficult situations in life. 

Life is worth the effort for several reasons: (1) You are not alone, someone else is going through your same situation; (2)  You matter to a lot of people around you; (3) life is filled with ups and downs, challenges, and obstacles, all of which make life interesting and make you into a stronger person; and (4) life can be filled with beautiful experiences, which can make life enjoyable. Take the  time out to think positive thoughts and of all the reasons why life is worth the effort.


What makes you feel life is not worth the effort?

What aspects of life do you love?

What makes life worth living?

What can you learn from the challenges you are facing?